Scott Winn - Founder

Scott's passion is to use technology to improve lives. At home in Maryland, he combines the roles of startup CEO, committed father of two, and board trustee at two independent schools. He's also a former military officer, with some interesting stories he might one day be allowed to tell you.

Karl MacMillan - Founder

Karl is a researcher, software developer, and product leader focused on computer security and machine learning. Software that he helped create runs in every Android device shipped today. He is also a dedicated father and is passionate about helping to form the next generation. RAKKOON combines those passions, allowing him to use his experience to help parents manage their children's social media use in a positive way.

Kate Chambers - Finance

Kate worries about the numbers at RAKKOON so Scott and Karl can focus on doing what they do best. Her experiences with strategy consulting, finance, startups, ships and ports, nieces and nephews, churches, and dogs are all part of the foundation that she brings to our initiative to help parents and kids safely navigate social media.

Joe McElhaney - Operations

Joe focuses on our customers and, in the process, helps the team focus there as well. Combining his background in operating professional services organizations with his passion for helping families navigate our connected world, Joe cares about giving RAKKOON families a service they value and love. That's a little easier since he's a customer too—Joe has a teenager at home and uses RAKKOON to help parent her toward productive use of social media.

Robin Taylor - Story Telling

Robin's background is in visual storytelling for television. As a field producer, writer, and editor, she helped create several landmark television series—including HGTV's House Hunters and TLC's A Baby Story. While she's proud of her production credits, her most meaningful work to date has been producing four terrific kids.

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