Gain insight into your child's social media life.

RAKKOON notifies you about concerning content on your child's social media feed. Your child gets the same alerts as you do—which opens the door to a new conversation about how to use social media sensibly.

Parent without spying

It’s not spying if they know you’re there. Once you install the RAKKOON app on your phone and your child’s phone, our state-of-the-art monitoring service flags concerning content and sends notifications to both devices. You and your child will see the same alerts, creating an opportunity for collaboration and conversation around social media behavior.

Parent monitoring effectively erased the negative effects of [teens’] online conflicts.
Robert Faris, sociologist, from CNN's special #Being13 (read more)

Understand your child's social media life

RAKKOON catches the things you worry about. RAKKOON sifts through your child’s supported social media feeds and uses some really cool technology to catch concerning content in text, images, and video—including bullying, indications of self-harm, nudity, predators, and drugs and alcohol. Then we send an alert about the questionable content, because it’s good to know anything problematic will come to your attention whether or not you go looking for it.

Technology changes fast. RAKKOON helps you keep up. Our engine uses a smart algorithm to identify concerning content, and it’s constantly learning and improving—so new content trends quickly become part of RAKKOON’s repertoire.

Be where your kids are. Full insight into your child’s social media world means monitoring both public posts and private messages. With RAKKOON you’ll know what your kids are seeing and sending on their mobile devices, including messages you’d miss if you only follow or friend them.

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Simplicity and privacy

RAKKOON is an easy-to-use app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod (iOS 9). We take privacy very seriously. We’re talking about our kids, after all. So we secure information with the same technology used by banks and governments.